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Trending The Cephalopod Octopus Squid Cuttlefish And Nautilus T Shirts


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Trending The Cephalopod Octopus Squid Cuttlefish And Nautilus T Shirts This design features colorful artwork of Cephalopods, a class of sea creatures that includes squids, cuttlefish, octopuses, and nautilids. There are over 800 cephalopod species alive today, and this design illustrates one species from each order of cephalopoda. This design would be great for anyone who loves marine biology, cephalopods, cuttlefish, octopuses / octopi, ecology, oceanology, marine animals, teuthology, bioluminescent animals or bioluminescence, the ocean, exploring nature or the beach, and the mysteries of the ocean. Illustrated species include the Hummingbird Bobtail Squid or Berry's Bobtail Squid; the Southern Pygmy Squid; Giant Pacific Octopus; the Pearly Nautilus or Chambered Nautilus; the Common Cuttlefish; Ram's Horn Squid; Bigfin Reef Squid; Googly-Eyed Glass Squid; and Vampire Squid. These species represent the orders Octopoda, Nautilida, Sepiida, Myopsida, Sepiolida, Spirulida, Oegopsida, Idiosepiida, and Vampyromorphida. also available T-shirt, Hoodie, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirts styles at Www.Tees.Design. Unique design for Christmas Gifts, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Birthday. You can gift it for mom, dad, papa, mommy, daddy, mama, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandpa, grandma, grandfather, grandmother, husband, wife, family, teacher ... ,Trending National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988 T Shirts, The shirt is suitable enough for everyday trips to college, university, bookstore, gym, coffee shop, pizza parlor, clubhouse, or burger joint. It's also casual enough to wear for working out, shopping, running, jogging, hiking, biking or hanging out with friends.
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1. Length is measured from the highest point on the collar down to the bottom hem.

2. Width is measured across the body of the shirt under the armpits, one way.

3. Sleeves are measured from center back to hem. All measurements in the table refer to garment sizes.

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Machine wash: warm (max 40C or 105F); Non-chlorine: bleach as needed; Tumble dry: medium; Do not iron; Do not dryclean.


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